Areas of Expertise

Joint Venture ConsultingHeartland_Petroleum

RAM Principals have successfully facilitated Joint Venture enterprises, often through personal interface with participating parties. This required assessment of corporate and technological profiles of parties involved, market definition, financing needs and appropriate JV operating parameters.

Management of Manufacturing and Marketing Operations

Principals and Associates of RAM International Inc. have accumulated considerable experience in the management of manufacturing and marketing operations of diverse industries; from consumer durables to aluminum fabricated and packaging products; from inductive components to electronic printed circuit boards; from stainless steel fabrication to manufacture of forged surgical instruments; from waste water treatment and solid waste management to alternative energy production.

Healthcare Facilities Management

Management of inpatient and outpatient facilities, pharmacies and urgent care centers involving oversight of accreditation and quality of care standards, utilization reviews and occupancy management, staff training, HR, physical plant and facility repairs, remodeling or maintenance are all areas within the personal experience of our Principals or Associates.

Research and Development

Management and fiscal oversight of academic or industry funded research operations or organizations together with guardianship of commercialization initiatives for inventions and research derivatives and products (involving intellectual property) also are within our experiential album.

Some Companies RAM has been associated and worked with:

Larsen EngineersHeadquartered in Rochester, New York, Larsen Engineers is a multi-disciplinary firm that has been serving the needs of municipalities, federal and state government agencies, and private companies since its inception in 1955. They have specialized in “greening” of agricultural and farming processes such as developing systems to address the waste streams of pig and chicken farms etc.


Pesco-Beam logo

PESCO-BEAM custom designs and fabricates fixed as well as transportable industrial sized environmental systems which recycle used engine oil into valuable by products such as lubricants and grease and industrial waste chemicals into reusable solvents.



Napier Reid logoxNapier-Reid is a professional engineering company located in Markham, Ontario, Canada. They  specialize in wastewater treatment and water supply for municipalities  for over 50 years. Their clients are located in many countries and their reputation as quality water treatment specialists is global.


 Main Logo              by Trans4matix Corporation

Trans4matix Corporation, one of RAM’s associates, has acquired from Duke University Medical Center the rights to commercialize and license a web-based document management system focused on healthcare, called MAW3® (“Medical Assistant on the World Wide Web”).  Duke’s Pathology Department developed this platform which has been in production since 2000.

MAW3 gives Duke a robust platform for document management in both clinical care and research enterprises.  The platform serves niche needs and provides full information system support.  The system’s low technical overhead for maintenance and a robust security model are key features that have made it a successful platform at Duke. MAW3 provides a strong platform upon which to rapidly model and manage any complex process using electronic data elements and forms thus enabling it to apply equally well to most manufacturing industries and businesses.

If your business needs a software solution for which there are few targeted applications or if you require a solution to span what traditionally might require several software packages, MAW3 provides a cost-effective infrastructure to get you up and running quickly.  Contact B.C. Dash to speak with a Trans4matix representative.


Head quartered in Bhubaneswar, India, IQEMS is a leading provider of Quality and Environment Management Consulting services since 1995. IQEMS has served a wide array of organizations, public and private, national and international, in manufacturing as well as service sectors covering a variety of subjects such as ISO 9000, ISO 14000, OSHAS 18001, HACCP-IS:15000, Total Quality Management, and Business Process Reengineering. They also provide in-house training on quality and environment related subjects including ISO 9000 Revision: 2008 update, IRCA/NABAT Registered Auditing Course, and Six Sigma. Areas covered are Management System Standards, Quality Improvement Tools, Intellectual Property Management, Third Party Inspection of New Projects, Third Party Environment & Safety Audits, Joint Venture and Technology Transfers and Process Optimization & Compliance Management leading to operational excellence in many organizations.

IQEMS  provides high end consulting services and solutions to address clients’ need for operational excellence and compliance requirements in diverse industrial domains such as Food & Agriculture, Steel & Mines, Aluminum, Power, Railways, IT, Telecom, Finance, Core Manufacturing, Automobile, and Process Industries.